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COPY. CULT is a long term project connecting the problematic of copyright to different aspects of the copy in the digital age.It will explore the notion of the copy under three angles.

The juridical aspect:
how does the law enframe the concept of the copy?
The anthroposocial aspect:
how do we use the copy to communicate? And what happens to the body in a world of automated copies?

The semiological:
what happens to the Sign, when language is assimilated to code?

COPY.CULT will take place in Brussels during the year 2000. It will be composed of discussion groups, conferences, videos, multimedia programmes and a publication.

The website will reflect the ongoing debate and will provide cultural actors with a platform for detournement, plagiarism, alternative linkage, recycling....

We are still looking for people to help us in this research, feel free to submit articles, projects, links, conferences...

We are open to questions, remarks and critiques

Please contact us at:

Copyrights: a choice of no-choice for artists and third world countries; the public domain is losing anyway
, by Joost Smiers


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